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Build Your Business Purposefully.

Clarity of vision, purpose, values, culture. | Clarity of who you are and how your business operates. | Clarity of vision, purpose, values, culture.

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Human Resources and Organizational Development Expertise


Building a business with a clear sense of purpose, solid set of values, consistent human resources approach, and an uplifting culture where employees want to stay can be demanding… especially as you focus on growing your business. It’s a tall order that requires full attention and support. 

That’s where we come in. As Human Resource and Organizational Development Experts, we love to help business owners build effective organizations; rich workplaces that attract, retain, engage, and grow both employees and your business! 

We get why business owners are passionate about their business.


We are passionate about helping you and your business be the best!

Clarity of vision, purpose, values, culture. | Clarity of who you are and how your business operates. | Clarity of vision, purpose, values, culture.

What We Do

We offer practical, just in time, human resources consulting to level up your business’s effectiveness and enable you to grow successfully and sustainably. 

Our support is customized to your needs. We give you the exact amount of support you are looking for, when you need it. Whether you are looking for a few hours of help, consulting on key projects, or on-going fractional support, we will be there. 



Align your business priorities and plans with successful people, cultural, brand, and value strategies.



Build out talent management and employee engagement solutions to attract, retain, and develop your valued employees (including leadership development and team development).



Design and enhance the workplace culture and human resource approach your business needs to thrive.



Build the best communication methodologies to keep your staff invested and engaged.



Develop robust Human Resource policies to remain risk-free, compliant, and to create clear guidelines and expectations, fostering fairness, security, and consistency. 

Our Approach Explained By Our Founder, Miki


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What People Are Saying

When I first approached Miki, my intention was to reduce turnover. During our initial consultation, she presented a framework to integrate our company’s talent management and HR structure and connect them to my business vision and plans.

After completing a full assessment of the business and presenting us with her findings and recommendations, we agreed to move forward, focusing initially on three priority areas: internal communication, HR, and cultural vision. At this point in time, with Miki’s consistent follow-up and leadership, we have made considerable progress in moving toward our goals of improving communication throughout the business, as well as our HR and people management functions.


We will continue to work with Miki as we move forward on our organizational development plan to achieve our goals of sustainable growth throughout North America and becoming one of Canada’s best managed companies.

Caroline Bolduc, CEO and President  - Bold Canine Inc.


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